How to Decide Appropriate Installation Locations for Escape Doors

Having high-quality metal fire doors and frames installed on the property can significantly improve the level of safety against fire ...
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How to Check the Quality of a Fire Exit Door?

Using specialized doors for fire exits in buildings is becoming an increasingly essential thing. As more and more awareness spreads, ...
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Hardware Properties to Look for in An Exit Door

Fire exits are not given much attention during our day-to-day activities, and we often do not realize how critical they ...
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Do Residential Buildings Need Metal Fire Doors?

It is quite a surprising phenomenon that the one place where we relax the most and spend most of our ...
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A Beginner’s Guide to Fire Escape Doors

Fire safety is the most critical aspect of any building that we build these days. Making sure that people can ...
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new CE Marking regulations

Be aware of the new CE Marking regulations for external fire rated doorsets

A new policy came into force about the CE marking fire rated exterior doorsets from the first day of November ...
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