Steel doors

Our company is engaged in the professional production of steel doors. In the production process we use only high-quality metal. Our workshop is equipped with modern metalworking machines. Thanks to our working experience we have control over a good many nuances in the production of metal structures. When ordering steel doors from our company, you can be sure of the quality of the product and, if necessary, a high-quality installation.

We produce metal doors for houses and apartments, public buildings and industrial premises, entrances and utility rooms.

Our Steel Doors has Fire Resistance: E30, EW30, EI30, E60, EW60, EI60.

As part of our production process we produce doors of various levels of complexity and configuration: including single-leaf and double-leaf doors, fire resistant / fireproof steel doorsinternal and external doors, doors for technical rooms, doors with glass, doors with bars (jalousie), non-standard doors, special doors, and more.

At the request of the client, the doors can be equipped with automation, door closers, falling threshold, and other options.

Dealers are welcome for cooperation!

Our production processes

Quality means reliability, aesthetics, and safety. We can provide all of this in our own production processes. All steel door production takes place in our own workshops, covering the gamut of options from A to Z, from welding structures to painting a finished door.

We will maintain the safety and warmth of your property

The thickness of the metal in the steel door should be 1,0mm.- 1.5mm. This is the minimum thickness that we provide when producing steel doors. A metal thickness ensures sufficient safety, quality, and rigidity in the construction of the steel door. Unwelcome sounds and smells will remain behind your closed door. Using good quality materials allows us to provide heat and sound insulation at a high level.