Powder Painting

Our company offers a powder painting service. This produces a glossy or matte finish for any metal detail in the required colour.

The advantages in powder painting include greater levels of resistance to environmental effects, scratches, corrosion, and chemical and mechanical damage.

During the powder painting process, powder is sprayed onto the metal and, thanks to the effect of static electricity, the paint lays down on the surface to guarantee a smooth layer without any defects.

Next comes the polymerisation process, when the item being painted is inserted into a special oven at a temperature of between 140-220o Celsius, where the powder melts and colouration gains its unique protection and perfection.

The powder painting services are located in Aizpute, Kurzeme, 50 km from Liepaja.


Quality assurance

Powder painting guarantees a smooth layer with a one-coat colour and is much more economical then standard paints.


Powder painting is also ecologically clean and harmless technology.

Painting for larger items

Our production facilities allow painting for items of sizes up to 6600 x 1700 x 1900mm.

Wide range of colours available

The wide range of RAL catalogue colours is available for use


* This picture is only for informative purpose and colors may vary on screen.

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