Business Offer

We are the metalworking company, Kurz. At this moment our services cover the production of steel doors, CNC sheet metalworking, a powder painting service, and the production of standard and non-standard metal products. We are offering the client a full service, starting from product engineering and finishing with packing and assembling.

We are a rapidly-growing company. To aid our further development, we are looking for a company which would like to relocate their production or is interested in opening up additional or new production in our area.


The Kurz company’s premises cover the following statistics:

  • Building 1, total ground space of 4500m2, variable heights (up to 20m). Right now only 1000m2 is being used. The rest is fully available for new projects.
  • Building 2, with a total ground space of 1000m2, almost no partitioning inside in the building, and an upper height of
  • The total land within the company’s ownership is about four hectares.
  • Within the premises are further smaller buildings which can be used as required.
  • Within the premises is a canalisation system with three BIO pools, three water wells, and an independent electrical substation. In the Soviet period a milk factory was located here, so it has all necessary infrastructure if required.

We would like to offer our services to a potential partner as a production company with attractive free production spaces.

Our production facility is located in Aizpute, Latvia. It is 50km away from the sea port of Liepaja and 160km from Riga’s airport.

We are open to a great many possible opportunities!